I love that this is a woman saying this to a man, not to mention he’s a tough, kick ass ex-army ranger!

This is why Bones is so damn good. They show us that men can be vulnerable too, even the badass FBI Special Agent/Former army ranger Seeley Booth. It’s especially more awesome because it involves making love, which is by far what shows use as a way to comfort and be gentle for women who are vulnerable.

Another thing I absolutely adored was how tender and loving this scene was. I know some were wanting some “rip each other’s clothes off because they haven’t touched in three months” scene, but that absolutely would not have fit in here at all.

Booth was in so much pain physically that it hurt to breathe, not to mention the man is so emotionally lost and struggling, with what he had to deal with before prison, in prison and now out of prison, because of the way he was released. He’s in a new house, barely has a job (one that he had so much trust and faith in), a job that betrayed him.

Brennan knows that and wanted to ease his pain as gently and lovingly as possible.