It has come to my attention that a lot of people haven’t played this game so pay attention:

Grab a friend and tie your hands as the following picture shows


Now try getting yourselves free well maybe not free but apart from each other, so that the ropes aren’t tangled together, without opening the knots or otherwise removing the rope from around your wrists. It is possible.

im sorry friend but your arm must go



So it has really been a couple of months since I wrote anything for Cod fanfic and I have been meaning too. I wish i would have done it sooner but my friend and I started to write this story called Twisted Chemistry loosely based off well pretty much based off these two guys in our class. They are both straight but we started shipping them because of how well they worked together. Like at first it was a joke but now we are really into it and are writing a story in which I hope to be posting the first chapter to fiction press soon! Of course all the names are changed. But I am busy preparing with college and working so I can only promise that “Remember our Love” and “A Day Spent with You” will be updated as soon as I can. Definitely by the end of the year. Really sorry for the delay! Also I started writing the Cod/Spn crossover! So look forward to that too!

-Bunni <3